Hall of Fame: Criteria

While we applaud the countless individuals who have created successful businesses, have had rich rewarding careers, or received numerous honors and awards, the Cuban Bankers Hall of Fame seeks to elevate the most exceptional individuals for this prestigious honor.  Such individuals have advanced the interests and image of banking through their many remarkable accomplishments.  Hall of Fame nominees must have contributed in a significant way to the industry’s growth and professionalism on a national or global scale.

Specifically, Hall of Fame nominees should distinguish themselves under one or more of the following pillars:


  • Unimpeachable ethical record of integrity
  • The nominee must be retired for at least 5 years and must have been an active banker for 20 years or more
  • The nominee’s career may have been in Cuba, continued outside Cuba or developed totally outside Cuba as long as the condition below is met
    • Nominee must be Cuban born or his/her parents be Cuban born or nominee or forefathers must have been naturalized in Cuba between 1902-1959.  However, at the sole discretion of the full board, CBSG will consider “special mention” of bankers who may have lived in Cuba or elsewhere, without ever becoming Cuban nationals and who otherwise meet the immediately prior criteria
  • Nominee can be living or deceased
  • Nominee could have been a public/government official or in the private banking sector in Cuba, prior to 1960, or outside of Cuba; or may have worked for any of the 7 foreign banks in Cuba prior to 1960 (Royal Bank of Canada, ScotiaBank, Citibank, Chase, Boston, China and Banco Franco-Cubano)
  • Board members and relatives of Board members will qualify for inclusion – but self-nominations will neither be accepted nor considered

Industry Contributions

  • This individual has forever changed the industry:
    • By creating or implementing a game-changing product or process; and/or
    • By writing influential materials and/or passionately educating future industry leaders; and/or
    • Through recognition as a prominent authority and leader in the industry; and/or
    • Through the manner in which financial services are provided to consumers
  • Played a key role in supporting industry relations by bringing people from all business segments and related sectors together in a cooperative and beneficial way that helped advance the industry
  • Was a visionary with a national and/or global perspective that created opportunities and identified avenues of expansion for the banking industry.
  • Leadership
    • Made significant contributions by serving in leadership positions in national and/or international banking associations or other industry-related groups.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills in administrative and policy areas that helped advance the industry’s objectives.
    • Provided significant support for industry initiatives and programs and promoted awareness of the industry’s many positive contributions to the nation’s economy and quality of life.

Corporate Citizenship

  • Provided leadership in corporate citizenship/social responsibility and has been recognized for leading by example.
  • Supports worthy causes that have had positive impacts on industry professionals and/or boosted the industry’s image through the support of these social causes.
  • Provided a means or a program to educate industry professionals in sound corporate citizenship as part of his/her overall responsibility to the community.

Note: Nomination does not assure selection.