The Board of Directors of the CUBAN BANKING STUDY GROUP (CBSG) invites you to join our membership and to be a part of this important undertaking.  Your membership is free for the first 12 months and, thereafter, the cost will be a nominal $35.00.  The benefits of membership include: 

  • Invitation to participate in our various events and lectures, at member’s cost.
  • Receive and remain up-to-date on any matter related to the banking and financial system in Cuba, as we become aware of it.
  • Receive advance copies of any future publication of CBSG.

CBSG is a non-profit association established in Florida in December 1992.  We are comprised primarily of professional bankers, economists and public accountants, of Cuban origin with diverse backgrounds and expertise. For more details, please go to

As indicated in our Mission Statement, CBSG believes that a solvent and economically rational banking system is a fundamental condition in the development of an effective market-driven economy.  The classic intermediation role of financial institutions is essential to the flow of funds into economically viable enterprises, appropriately and reasonably priced for risk and within a proper regulatory and supervisory framework.

Cuba had a robust financial system in the decade of the 1950s where Cuban-owned banks controlled most assets and deposits and were the catalysts for the economic and industrial growth of the Country.  In fact, Cuba boasted that it had the largest, privately-owned commercial bank (The Trust Co.) in Latin America as of December 31, 1958.  The Trust Co. and Banco Nuñez were classified in the top 500 banks of the world.

CBSG believes that Cuban-owned banks, ready to serve the needs of local communities and small businesses, complimented by government-owned institutions, foreign banks and multinational agencies is critical to Cuba’s economic development.  CBSG strives to promote and engage in a consultative approach to ensure this transition is achieved.

We look forward to hearing from you and invite you to complete the following electronic form or download a pdf which can be mailed electronically to me here.




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