Hall of Fame

Cuban Bankers Hall of Fame

The Cuban Banking Study Group (“CBSG”) is in a unique position to recognize and honor outstanding banking professionals, of Cuban heritage, for their contributions to the banking industry.  These professionals, whether life-long industry experts or recent additions to our industry, deserve acknowledgement for their significant and/or enduring contributions to the development of banking both in Cuba and by descendants of Cubans in other countries.  The Cuban Bankers “Hall of Fame” (“CBHoF”) showcases amazing industry professionals who are unmatched in their passion, skills, achievements, and contributions. 

Every year, nominations will be accepted for induction into the CBHoF.  A Selection Committee will review the nominations and select up to 3 individuals for induction and submit the slate to the Board (the first year there was no limit on the number of inductees since the first slate consisted solely of individuals who are deceased).  The recommended slate will be voted on by the full Board and those approved will be inducted into the CBHoF at an annual event (the form and date of which will be determined by the Board each year). 

The CBSG is collaborating with Casa Cuba at FIU for permanent exhibit space to commemorate the achievements of our inductees.

Any individual (not members of the CBSG) may submit a nomination through one of the members of the organization – please contact a member you know, or submit your request to the President of the CBSG for consideration.  Before submitting your nominee for consideration, please read the criteria to ensure your nominee meets the Hall of Fame standards.  We look forward to reviewing your submission for this prestigious honor.

Please note: SELF-NOMINATIONS are NOT ACCEPTED and will not be considered.